Vegetarian Appetizers

 SAMOSA                                                $4.50
Pastries stuffed with assortment of vegetables and potatoes

 GOBHI LASSANWALLA                       $6.95
Fried cauliflower sautéed with ginger, garlic and chef sauce

 CHILI PANEER                                       $7.95
Homemade cheese sautéed with onion, bell pepper and chili sauce

 PANEER PAKORA                                 $5.50
Homemade cheese deep-fried with layer of chickpea batter

 ONION BAJJI                                          $5.50
 Pieces of onions deep-fried with a layer of chickpea batter.

 ASSORTED PAKORAS                         $6.95
Chef selection of vegetables deep-fried with a layer of chickpea batter

 VEG PLATTER                                      $10.50
Combination of four different vegetable appetizers: Samosa, Vegetable Pakora, Paneer Pakora, and Onion Bajji

 ALOO PAKORA                                     $5.95
Sliced potato deep-fried with a layer of chickpea batter

 GOBI PAKORA                                    $5.95
Cauliflower battered with   garbanzo flour and deep-fried in vegetable oil
 VEGETABLE PAKORA                         $5.50
Mixture of veggies in a chickpea batter, deep-fried

Non-Vegetarian Appetizers

 SEEKH KABOB                                     $10.50
A mixture of minced lamb, mildly spiced and flavored with ginger, cilantro and chopped onions.
 CHICKEN TIKKA                                  $10.00
Boneless white meat marinated with yogurt, Indian herbs, and cooked in an Indian Tandoor oven
 CHICKEN MALAI TIKKA                      $10.00
Boneless chicken marinated with yogurt, cream, and butter and cooked in an Indian Tandoor oven
 HARIYALI CHICKEN                             $10.00
Chicken marinated with mint, yogurt and cilantro, finished in an Indian Tandoor oven
 MEAT SAMOSA                                     $5.95
Pastries stuffed with minced meat.
 CHICKEN PAKORA                                $6.50
Chicken marinated in chickpea batter and spices shallow-fried in vegetable oil

Soups and Salads

Diced cucumbers, tomatoes, and onions drizzled with house dressing

 DAAL SOUP                    
Yellow lentils soup tempered and seasoned with cilantro, garlic, ginger and mild spices

Vegetables tempered with garlic in a tomato broth