About Us

Saffron ChefSaffron: The most expensive spice which has a distinctive aroma and taste also contains essential oils that are responsible for its therapeutic properties.Our goal is to emulate all the properties that expensive spices and herb have, in the food that we present, Our experienced chef is trained to cook different dishes with the correct blend of spices that impart their own aroma to enhance the presentation, Our team at Saffron strives to satisfy your culinary senses.


  • We take reservations for groups of Five (5) or more
  • 18% Gratuity will be added for Groups of Five (5) or more
  • We accept only one coupon per table
  • 18 % Gratuity will be added on the total amount, where a coupon is used
  • Last order will be taken 10 minutes before our closing time

We specialize in full-service catering for between 100 – 5000 people. We deliver in the radius of 300 miles. Please contact us via Phone: 314-965-3822, Fax: 314-965-3828

We are located at 2137 Barrett Station Road (Corner of Manchester and Barrett Station Road), Saint Louis, MISSOURI 63131